Stags Leap Stags Leap Magnum Wine Cellars 1982 SLV Cabernet Sauvignon


Tasted by this author 9/18/85 at the winery.  The wine had good color with a superb cedar box nose.  It ended with a clean crisp finish.  It was harvest from their Cabernet Sauvignon grapes across the Silverado Trail from the original winery. SLV stands for Stags Leap Valley estate vineyard. These were the first Cabernet Sauvignon grapes planted on the double Montpellier curtain trellising system in Napa County.  It was quite a revolutionary way of planting grapes at the time. It was soon copied by many grape growers as it produced more wine per ton because of the increased sunlight from this special trellising system. This magnum has very little air space and a very tight cork. Leslie Hennessy

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