Lupe-Cholet Pommard 1895


Lupe-Cholet winery is located in Nuits St George with vineyards across Burgundy. This exceedingly rare bottling comes from their four-hectare vineyard named Clos de Lupe in Pommard. Although they show their origin as 1903 the winery was built in the years 1796 – 1802. The monasteries of Burgundy are first mentioned in the year 587. Pommard appears in the year 1005. Although there are several 1895 first growth Bordeaux still available, this bottling may be the oldest 1895 Burgundy available today. The cork is very solid, and the fill is at mid bottle. There is a good amount of sediment on the bottom of the bottles showing excellent aging. One bottle available at $18,000.00

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