The Pope of Wine the Biography of Alexis Lichine


In the wine world Alexis was bigger than life. He was the wine industry
from start to finish. Everyone in the business talked about him. You had to have
his book ‘Alexis Lichine’s New Encyclopedia to Wines and Spirits’ in your
library if you were even remotely considered to be in the wine business. Robert
Mondavi would say, “I constantly used Alexis Lichine’s dictionary throughout
my career.”2 He made the French Burgundy and Bordeaux wine regions bigger
than life. In the cities of New York, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver,
Detroit, New Orleans, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angles, the import wine
market was born. In the most-unlikely city of Minneapolis, Minnesota was
This great wine shop is where I met the Pope of Wine- Alexis Lichine
Leslie Hennessy

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